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Mark Cordes

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The Spouse Whisperer with Mark Cordes entertains the audience with very funny, acerbic observations on relationships and how to make them work...or not. He is always warm and congenial and has a great comedic rapport with his audience.

It's a great beginning and when Cordes makes his entrance the evening only gets better and better. Throughout the show, Cordes randomly fields pre-performance, written questions that the audience has submitted. His spontaneous responses are consistently priceless, sidesplitting observations.

Cordes informs us that 44% of marriages end in divorce and 56% end in death! Speaking of death and the confusion as to whether have an open or closed casket, Cordes muses, "I would have them put a foot peddle on it, like a wastebasket."

Regarding his marriage, he claims that he is in revenue creation and his wife is in disbursement! His wife coaxed him to have a man-to man talk with his two stepsons. What was his learned advice? He told them, "Sons, don't marry a woman with kids!" How can you resist?  

Excerpts from a review by: Joseph Gordon – Mesa Theater Examiner

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